Brno Biennial 2020

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda


Upon news of the cancellation of the 29th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2020, IDEA magazine with Radim Peško, and Åbäke commissioned 26 designers to create posters for the cancelled event.

Jon Sueda and my contribution was a mashup of many different realities, histories, and references that exist inside and outside the biennial. Inspired by the Brno Biennal B logo (and referring to another past exhibition from the biennial, Brno Echo), we started collecting lots of striped objects, references from art, graphic design, architecture, pop culture, everyday life etc... when put all together, these striped images and objects started to form a strange world, sort of a surrealistic graphic identity made from ahistorical perspective. We interpreted this as an alternative reality Brno biennial landscape... logos (Bs) made of stripes, buildings with stripes, Audry Hepburn in her classic stripes, the hamburgler, and many more. Within this milieu we also created our own images: a few fake Sol Lewitt paintings, we also included bootleg versions of the Mexico Olympics logo and IBM logo.

The small text on the poster is modeled after the biennial's Call for Entry Text, but reframed as a "Call for Histories," referring to "Call histories," a record of past communications/references, but also a call for new work... it's sort of a paradoxical word mashup.

Published in IDEA, no. 386, June 2019. Exhibited in What About: 29th Brno International Graphic Design Biennial 2020, curated by Radim Peško, Åbäke, Sofie Dederen, and IDEA magazine, the White, Tokyo, 30 July–29 August 2019.