Flag Generator: Flags of the World

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda

2019 Poster

For the exhibition What Mirror Do You Want To Lick? (WMDYTL?) at Frans Masereel Centrum in Antwerp Belgium, we were asked to devise a series of fictitious countries and their flags for an alternate reality "Flags of the World" poster.

To accomplish this we wrote the “Country Generator”, which deconstructed country naming tropes – location, geological traits, color – into an array which is reordered every time the page loads and generates 500 unique names. We then created flags based around a selection of the procedurally generated country names.

The international group show “WMDYWTL? (Which Mirror Do You Want to Lick?)” is about mirroring and duplication, from reality to fiction, and from fiction to reality. The exhibition displays more than 170 works of art and artefacts that play with events both real and fictional, and demonstrates how our reality consists of multiple realities.