Flag Generator: Future Flag Korea

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda

2018 Projection

Flag Generator: Future Flag Korea speculates on the 2030 “re-unified” Korean flag. Flags in 2030 will likely be immaterial and exist only digitally, allowing the future Korea flag to be in a constant state of flux. The new Korean flag will include graphic attributes of both North and South Korean flags combined and recombined by an algorithm in order to create a flag with no fixed form.

for Seoul❤️SeeYouTomorrow💙Pyeongyang
Inter-Korean Summit 2018

9.17–26, 2018
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Design Pathway B2

Curators: Pooroni Rhee, Chris Ro, Yunim Kim
Assistant Curators: Doyeon Yang(Studio Mentum), Byeongjin Kim