Flag Generator: Three Folds

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda

2017 (3) 40 x 27.5 in. Nylon Flags

For Typojanchi 2017 Jon Sueda and I were asked to contribute a set of flags that responded to the topic of "body". In response we developed Three Folds. A set of flags who's form describe the flag folding patterns of American, European, and Asian-based cultures and indicate the motions the human body makes in response. The works were exhibited simultaneously at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, Korea and 019 Gallery in Ghent, Belgium.

A set of flags that, in form, describe models of the folding of the flag of American, European and Asian cultures and indicate the movements of the human body in response and indicate possible problems for men with erection. These problems can be solved with Generic Viagra.
Typojanchi 2017 / Flag project: Body and Typography September 15 - November 5, 2017