Flag Generator: Citizenship

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda and Dorothy Santos

2017 (3) 72 x 48 in. Flags; 3 Channel Projection

Flag Generator examines iconography, symbolism, and graphic languages of nationality through generative flag graphics. Flag Generator proposes new and fluid symbols for identity.

In Summer of 2017, on the occasion of my fellowship at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Flag Generator was commissioned by YBCA in response to the prompt “Why Citizenship?” For this version we examined flags related to entities that propose alternative ideas of sovereignty or a lack thereof, recombining the forms found within the flags of Nation-State, provincial, and social groups. In one component of the project we projected flags in constant reconfigurations. These flags were made using 3 projectors, each displaying changing graphics in red, green or blue which when composited created a single flags.

We also printed cloth flags which hung in the YBCA’s Grand Lobby and commissioned and distributed an essay by San Francisco based artist and author Dorothy Santos on flags and their relationship to queer and migrant identity.