All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda

2014 8.5 x 11in. Wiro-Bound Book

Part of Jon Sueda’s All Possible Futures, Unrealized Archive is a collection of proposals which, for a variety of reasons, never made it into production. Most of these proposals took the form of presentations and slide decks.

To showcase these proposals in an exhibition space we decided it was best to show fragments and representative artifacts on a wall and vitrine, and have a corresponding book that included information about the projects in addition to all existing imagery. Projects and pages were annotated with project numbers. The book employed multiple page sizes – text pages were smaller and matched the size of the catalog, images were on larger pages to better showcase them.

Unrealized Archive was a part of All Possible Futures by Jon Sueda
SOMArts Cultural Center
January 14–Thursday, February 13, 2014