Dolby Art Series: Color to Sound

In collaboration with

Jon Sueda

2018 Print

This print is inspired by sound-to-color synesthesia, the condition where heard sounds evoke an experience of color. This print explores the perceptual illusions of color, applying principles of Color Assimilation and Chromatic Contrast used in many iconic works throughout the history of art, design, and science. We aim to create to binary mis-perceptions of input and reaction scenarios for the viewers to experience visual disturbance and vibrations from different distances and perspectives when viewing the print.

Additionally, we knew that this work would be shown using different medias at different scales, specifically physical (the Exhibition), screen (their website and instagram), and eventually video (the video wall in the lobby of the Dolby offices). We wanted this to almost act as a "color test" to see how Chromatic Contrast works in several contexts.