True North

In collaboration with

Federico Pérez Villoro, Tiger Dingsun, Ana Paula Tovar, and Vivian Sming

2018 Projection

Through text and vector graphics, True North ruminates on different conceptions of north and its metaphorical and physical elusiveness. More a surreal fiction than a technical document, it explores uses and misuses of navigation technologies such as compasses, maps, and GPS. The video points to the fragility of cartesian logics and the possibility of more fluid forms of geographical organization and territories. It is animated to an original score.

You can watch the video here.

Seoul❤️SeeYouTomorrow💙Pyeongyang an exhibition to celebrate the Inter-Korean Summit 2018
9.17–26, 2018
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Design Pathway B2

Curators: Pooroni Rhee, Chris Ro, Yunim Kim
Assistant Curators: Doyeon Yang(Studio Mentum), Byeongjin Kim

Concept: Chris Hamamoto, Federico Pérez Villoro
Graphic design, animation, and sound: Tiger Dingsun
Writing and editing: Chris Hamamoto, Federico Pérez Villoro, Ana Paula Tovar
Copyediting: Vivian Sming